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Abitoo is a chain of stores in Poland.

We offer a wide range of clothing and footwear for absolutely everyone.

From women to men. From babies to the elderly. In our stores you will also find original perfumes, jewelry, accessories and home textiles. Abitoo stores provide an opportunity to buy quality European items at affordable prices. Our regular customers have known about this for a long time and come to the stores almost every day in search of treasures.

Fashion, style, amazing price and European quality make our stores unique and inimitable!

Abitoo is not a stock store, second hand store or outlet store.

Abitoo is off-price discounter.

The standard business model of a discounter is to provide discounts from 10% to 25% off the market price. We offer discounts from 50% to 80% off the retail price.

A tangible profit from sales in the off-price model appears only with large sales volumes, which is why a constant flow of customers is so important to us. Our prices are below the lowest limit due to the purchase of goods in large quantities.

It is important that the quality of the goods, seasonality, the relevance of the collection and all other consumer characteristics always meet the highest standards.

Thus, our clients actually receive a gift, become owners of a full-fledged branded product at a price two to three times lower than the market average. Our strategic approach to doing business is operational excellence.

It is necessary to minimize the costs of organizing all the processes taking place in the company, which ultimately allows you to get the lowest price for the goods sold in comparison with other retailers and direct competitors.

Our buyers look through hundreds of offers every day to select only the best, tirelessly monitor the market to find the highest quality products at the best prices, and in some cases even completely eliminate the cost of intermediaries.

We do not spend a lot of money on renting expensive retail space. We do not place stores on the main streets or in the largest shopping centers. Excessive rental costs will inevitably lead to higher prices in our stores.

We also do not spend money on renting warehouse space in stores. This is not necessary, since all goods are immediately presented in the trading floors.

We differ from other brand clothing stores in that we do not spend a lot of money on visuals. Abitoo stores are not overly decorated. The absence of walls in shopping areas allows you to quickly increase or decrease the size of departments and the range of the store. We do not spend large sums on ineffective advertising campaigns. We focus on the positive experience our guests have when shopping in our stores and that they share their experience with family and friends.

Whether you are an older or younger shopper who loves classic or casual, very stylish, or who prefers practicality and convenience. Our mission is to please everyone and we do our best to satisfy both budget-conscious shoppers and affluent guests. We sincerely want each of our customers to find something special, unique and at an amazing price. Purchases take place all year round, so buyers always have the opportunity to find something amazing for themselves. Each of our stores receives goods daily, 365 days a year.

It often happens that a particularly attractive product, due to its demand, is available from a supplier in very limited quantities, but even in this case, our purchasing team purchases the entire batch. Often this product is not enough for all stores. In each of our stores you can find exclusive and stylish products of various well-known brands in a single copy - this is a real treasure for an intelligent and smart buyer.

Our daily product updates ensure that you can always find real diamonds in our stores, which our loyal customers know about and search the stores regularly to find something special. We call this search process "treasure hunting". Treasure hunting is truly fabulous value for money and brand.

Fashion, style, amazing price and excellent quality make our stores unique and inimitable!


  1. Visit Abitoo stores more often! The goods are delivered every day and you can always find something new and unique!
  2. Pay attention to the red price tags! These are products with additional discounts. High quality product + low price + extra discount = great buy!
  3. Did you like the product? Buy it without hesitation! If you don't take it, someone else will. What's gone is gone forever!